This week’s solo run session!

This week’s solo run session is set by Stewart Crowton: a pyramid speed session.

Start with a mile easy running then if you can from a tree to a tree or a car to a car. Run as hard as you can for say 100 m with 30 seconds static recovery then do 200m with 40 seconds static recovery then 400m then do a minute or two of easy jogging. Repeat the pattern for five reps.

If you’d prefer to do hill reps then choose a hill about a mile away so you can have an easy warm up. Same again choose a lampost or cars or even use timed intervals: 30 seconds, 35 seconds and 1 minute up the hill with easy recovery on the way down. Repeat for 5 reps of each.

As always please continue to follow the guidelines for social distancing and only run if you are feeling well.

It’s great to see people sharing their runs online, on our Facebook group, on Strava or by tagging @bvharriers on Twitter and Instagram. Knowing that we’re all doing this together is very motivating – so keep posting and sharing and tag us in your runs.

Thanks Stewart for the session this week.