This week’s rep session by Suz West 18th May 2020

Hi all, this week’s rep session is a pyramid.

Please do not run if you don’t feel well. Make sure you adhere to government guidelines. So as long as you are 2 metres apart you can do this with one other person. If you wanted to:

Warm up for one mile.

Dynamic warm up … like we do at club. Choose your own. Here’s some suggestions.
High knees , skips , squats , A skips , butt flicks , strides. ( Always do strides last when you are fully warmed up but before the main session.)

The Session:

1 min , 2 min , 3 min , 3 , 2 , 1 with 60/90 secs recovery between each. Either jog or walk. Once you have done that once, have a two minute rest. Then repeat again. If you want to do it a third time then give it a go.
Cool down run.

Followed by static stretches.

Any questions just ask.

Enjoy and post your selfies.