This week’s Rep Session by Sean Rose- Monday 13th July 2020

Hi Harriers,
My session for this week builds upon the 200m speed work by Dave a couple of weeks ago and the Hills by James last week. Both will have helped develop the muscle fibre strength you need to run or race faster. Speed sessions are also a great way to focus on form. The better your form the more efficient (less tiring) your running is likely to be overall. It is also the go to session of one of our greatest 800m runners.

My killer session – Peter Elliott

Quite simply 4x400m with 4 min rest (walk or a very light jog as soon as you can) between each 400m. Speed sessions are characterised by low numbers of reps and long recoveries so that you can put your maximum effort into each rep. Having said that if you are feeling at all uneasy about the session you can tweak your paces and look to run reps 1 and 3 at your more standard 5k rep pace but aim to beat that for reps 2 and 4. Otherwise look to run a 9/10 for each such that by rep 3 and 4 you are treading water.
Your warm up is really important for any fast running and even more so for speed work. A good 10 min jog and then 10-15 min of drills. Ensure to include drills that will add more energy to your muscles such as fast feet, high knees with a light touch on the ground and that will also help activate your glutes and hamstrings such as straight leg running. Finish with some strides and at all times use those arms (elbows back).
Please ensure you warm down afterwards with a light jog and some ow intensity static stretches at home.
Of course any sign of being unwell then please give it a miss.
Have fun.
Suz Runner Bournville Harriers Bournville Coaching Team