This week’s Rep Session by James Gittins-Monday 6th July 2020

Morning all, my turn to suggest a good rep session for you to try out.
Beech Road hill reps, always one of my favourites. Make sure you have warmed up prior and done your dynamic stretching, Bournville Park is ideal for this. Start at the bottom of Beech Road (entrance to the park) and then 5k pace up to first lamppost on the right. Then gentle jog down to recover. Start again when at the bottom and 5k pace up to next lamppost on the right and so on. Your last target is top of the road to letterbox and then gentle jog to bottom of road. Complete this rep session for 25 minutes. Try and keep same pace for each hill rep and then allow recovery whilst going back down the hill.
Please ensure warm down afterwards, usual health and safety regs apply, watch out for any cars turning in and out of road. It’s a no through road so generally very quiet on traffic.
Have fun.
Suz Runner Bournville Harriers Bournville Coaching Team