This week’s rep session by Dave Ellis- Monday 8th June 2020

Morning Tealsters! This week’s reps session comes from a trawl of my archives and old training diaries. It’s a session that I’ve used lots of times over the years and it could be tough!
The session is based on either 400m or 2min efforts (you choose, based on where you’re going to do it) and is…
5 x 400/ 2min with 2 min recovery,
5 x 400/ 2min with 1min recovery,
5 x 400/ 2min with 30sec recovery.
It is a continuous session, so after effort no.5, you take your 2 min recovery and then straight into effort no.6, and after effort no.10, take your 1 min recovery and straight into effort no.11.
If you don’t feel up to the full session, then you could try 3 x 4 x each effort, or even 3 x 3.
The aim is to run at faster than 5k pace and keep the pace constant throughout the session, so effort no.1 should be at the same pace as effort no.15.
As usual, do a warm up before of 10 to 20min easy running, some dynamic stretching and 4 to 6 strides and a warm down of at least 10min easy running after.
I hope you enjoy it!