The BvH Not Handicap 2020

As Easter weekend approaches, the club’s thoughts usually turn to the Yacht Handicap. We now have the ideal opportunity to deliver this in a virtual format, to be known as The Yacht Not Handicap!

The Not Handicap

The simple challenge is ‘how accurately can you predict the time it will take you to run 5km, without looking at your watch?’ Go solo, or make teams of two or three and add your times together!

– Participation in the challenge is open to Bournville Harriers club members only (i.e. those who were members as at 31st March)
– Plan your OWN 5km route. It can be a part of a slightly longer run to include warm up, cool down, etc. You can identify landmarks to indicate your start and finish, and we will be lenient with the actual distance within 100m, your time is what matters! Strava is your friend. Maybe designate a 5km segment on a route you know you regularly run, or simply get your watch to alert you when 5km is complete. Other run route apps are available.
– Predict your time to do that 5km. Let us know your prediction before you run using the registration form.
– Do not aim for a PB. Treat this as an exercise in pace discipline for longer races, or an otherwise easy training run.
– Give yourself a team name, and let us know who is in your team! We add your predicted times together.
– Run your 5km route at ANY TIME from Good Friday, 10th April through to Thursday 16th, without looking at your watch (other than to start and stop it; perhaps cover it up, or leave it on “distance only” display). You must run alone, or with a member of your household. Do not arrange to meet other competitors. Start your watch at your designated start, and stop your watch at your designated finish.
– Take a photo of your watch with your finish time showing (or screenshot of phone app, strava, etc), and better still, attach a selfie!
– Do not divulge your actual time to your teammates until everyone on your team has completed their Not Handicap run. You can share your times and selfies when everyone in your team has done their run. Label your Strava runs The Not Handicap and/or use #TheNotHandicap, and if you’re sharing your photos on Twitter or Instagram tag @BvHarriers in your posts too.
– It’s ok to be over or under your predicted time. If you are a minute under your time, and your partner is a minute over, then you as a team have nailed it!
– Extra kudos for great team names and selfies!
– Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines at all times. This includes:

  • Stay local. Do not travel somewhere to run
  • Exercise outside just once a day
  • Do not arrange to meet anyone from outside your own household
  • If you pass anyone, be sure to keep 2 metres away, and do take the initiative to move out of their way
  • Do not leave your home if you are showing symptoms

England Athletics’ coronavirus statement can be found here:

Register by filling in the google form: click here for the Registration Form (one per team). We want to accomodate you and your team, so we will be flexible with any changes you wish to make to your entry, providing you commit them before your run. When all members of the team have completed their run: click here to complete the Results Form (one per team). Results will be available Friday 17th, or earlier if everyone has submitted their results by then.