The Big BvH Bake Off 1st-7th May

As is tradition with John’s parkrun there will be a baking element but with a bit of a twist this year! We will be running a Big BvH Bake Off where we ask members to submit photos of their lockdown baking creations with a BvH nod – perhaps a bit of teal icing, or cookies iced with a gold medal? Be creative! You can bake biscuits, cakes, bread, anything you want to! We know it can be tricky to get ingredients at this time so there’ll be an extra mention for creative ingredient substitutions! A team of three will be judging from the photos you post on the Facebook group, so if your bake tastes terrible but looks amazing there’s no need to worry. Feel free to get children involved too!

The Big BvH Bake OffDuring the week Friday 1st May – Thursday 7th May just upload your bakes to the FB group (with a supporting statement if needed) and they will be judged. The winners will be announced on Friday 8th May. Get baking BvH; we can’t wait to see your creations!