Strength Session by Dave Powner- Wednesday 15th July 2020

Here’s your Wednesday strength session!

As always, do a thorough warm-up of you own preference. Avoid doing any exercises which cause you any pain.

Aim to do three sets of all exercises, and keep the reps low if you find it difficult (say 5 or 6), or greater if you’re comfortable with them (12 to 15). If you’re capable of more reps than that, then we’ll progress the exercise for you to give you a more demanding version! Take a couple of mins break between sets.

Some comments are added in the video on how you might make these exercises easier or harder, but let us know if you need any guidance making things easier or tougher!

1: Split squats
2: Calf raises
3: Pogos
4: Glute wall press
5: Trunk rolls
6: Trunk stability

Good luck, and let us know how you get on!