This week’s reps session – 11th May 2020

This week’s session has been set by Ali Price: 

As always, please do not do the session or any strenuous exercise if you are unwell. Please listen to your body and take care. You will need a nice one mile stretch or loop for this session

WARM UP: start with a few stretches as usual then a nice one mile warm up to your identified location.

SESSION: 1 mile repeats. Some of you will be familiar with this session as one that David M did before lockdown, so hopefully it will give you a chance to see some progress.

The aim will be to do three efforts of one mile at hard effort running with static recovery in between each mile. Allow yourself enough time to get your breath back to a normal rhythm before your next mile effort.

COOL DOWN: Finish with a one mile cool down and a nice treat for your hard work!

Thanks to Ali for the session this week.