Rep Session by Frederico Gonzalez 26th October 2020

Good afternoon all, Hope you’re all well!
My session for this week is hills again!
The session is:
4x 1 miles
2 uphill and 2 downhill
You should find a hill that is approx 1 mile long and not too steep, a hill that you can run fully, dont worry if there are parts that are flat, a hill that allows you to run close to your flat speed but with a slight incline.
Work hard but consistant on all reps. Uphill reps should be pushing hard all the way so that you work through the range of your best 10k. Once you reach the top, recover for between 2-3 mins or as soon as your HR is back to recovery ,then perform a down hill rep again consistant, your pace on this will need to increase from uphill and some might find it easier to increase HR on these, keep the pace and increase over the duration rather than tire and decrease, recover at the bottom for 2-3 mins then go again.
Warm up:
1 mile jog, incorporating dynamic stretches inc high knees, heel flicks, side steps, leg swings, lunges, hamstring lean downs.
Warm down
1 mile cool down jog with longer static stretches at the end/at home.