Rep Session by Coach Frederico Gonzalez 21st September 2020

Good morning everyone .
I’m Federico, I have met many of you, but not all as I’m quite new as I only joined last January . I’m very happy to be helping the coaches .
This reps session is one that I have done quite a lot recently which has really helped with my speed.
It’s easy to get it wrong as there are different distances but hopefully your GPS watches will help.
Aim to work at your 85%+ HR, and your last metres you should be near your maximum ,whatever yours is.
Remember it is not important how fast you are, it’s about the training and the effort you put in.
Warm up 1 mile
1x400m (rest90secs)
2x600m (rest 120secs after each rep)
2x800m (rest 150secs after each rep)
2x600m (rest 120secs after each rep)
1x400m (rest 90secs)
Cool down 1 mile
Alteration if you’re struggling is to just do 1x 800m rather than two.
Warm up (approx 15mins)
To effectively prepare yourself for striding/sprinting, warm up should include dynamic stretches:
High knees, heel flicks, side steps, leg swings, lunges, hamstring lean downs, and please do roll the shoulders/arms and neck- often forgotten about.
At the end of the warm up, do at least 3 short burst acceleration runs of 20metres (75% HR)
Warm down 1 mile to include stretches.
You all know how important your warm down is, especially after striding these distances, so please do stretch fully – 10mins at home including hamstring, glutes, quads, calves and ITband.
Really hope you enjoy and it helps you.