Relay Ready – Targeted Coached Sessions

Relay ReadyStarting this Thursday, 30 January, David Mountford will be leading a block of eight weeks of Thursday reps leading up to the regional Road Relays on 21st March. All members are welcome to take part in the sessions, whether you’re racing in the Road Relays or not. We would like to encourage participation in the Relays though, so if you’d like to know more please contact Jude or Simeon.
We’re going to be focusing on all the things we need to race well at Sutton Park: speed, speed endurance and hills. This will be via a mix of ‘classic’ and new sessions, which will be high-end speedwork on Bournville Lane, mile repeats on Bunbury Road/Northfield Road and hill repeats on Bell Hill; all with an emphasis on a competitive mindset!
In addition to all this there may be an opportunity for some ‘extras’ on Saturdays leading up to the race, such as a trip to Sutton Park to train on parts of the actual course (especially the hill at the start and some of the flat stretches), and possibly one or two slow-fast-slow ‘sandwich’ runs as an out-and-back from Rowheath along the canal; this will depend on interest and details will be posted on the website and Facebook.
Thanks to David for arranging these sessions!