One Million Step Challenge 24th July 2020

BBC Radio WM needs you! Well, us. For their Million Step Challenge on Friday 24th July.
If you are going out for a run on Friday 24th July, or even just a walk, then please let us know via this form, and it can contribute to Bournville Harriers’ total. It won’t matter if it’s slow, fast, a speed session, an LSR, your leg of the #Bvh444, or a dog walk – as long as it involves putting one foot in front of the other!
We and WM also welcome pictures of you in action! WM will cheer us on, over the airwaves and social media.
Let us know your “pledge” on this form, so we can give WM an idea of what we will contribute.
Good luck, and enjoy!
Million Step Challenge
Let us know if you are taking part in the Million Step Challenge on 24th July, for BBC Radio WM! More info here: