Monday Club Announcement by Chair – 18th May 2020

This evening our chair Rhian Littlewood announced the teams for the ‘Gone in 60 minutes’ Relay Challenge.

1 Nicola Mann Charlie Hurd Martin Foster
2 Rebecca Jones Dave Powner James Evans
3 Helen McGettrick Alison Davies Rob Styles
4 Mike Woodall Rhian Littlewood Miriam Chimen
5 Emma Hawkey Lorna Al-Ani Kevin Peace
6 Barrie Roberts John Cheel Suz West
7 Karen Harper James Ashley Alan West
8 Jaeda Goodman Will McKemey Conor Murphy
9 Emma Hopkins Alison Price Tim Hodges
10 Anna McManus Tom Robinson Clare Bradley
11 Claire Daniels Stacey Marston Paul Samuels
12 Stephanie Allen Pete Hickman Jon Mould
13 Dave Harte Ian McKenzie Michaela Thompson
14 Rachel Hursey Ian Reynolds Xenofon Gogouvitis
15 Richard Shearing Chris Hamlett Philomena Williamson
16 Sharon Newman Andy Jon Fiona Barker
17 Jo Green Nicola Morris Simon Gardner
18 Andy Hoole Ian Forman Alice Goodbourn
19 Guy Marston Clare Mullin Simeon Whiting
20 Simon Newman Grant Newman Miriam Stevens
21 Mark Cooper Kristy Mabbett Dave Ellis
22 Rachel Partridge Steve Doswell Stewart Crowton
23 Stewart Bond Richard Leaper Katie Alldrit-Rose
24 Jude Glynn Sara Hewison Jonathon Bellman

Good luck everybody and don’t forget to stay alert, record your results and post a sweaty selfie!

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