Mens and Womens Road Relays – Call for Runners!

The Midlands Road Relays will take place on Saturday 23rd September and we are keen for as many members as possible to take part in this fantastic event.

The Women’s event comprises a 4 leg race, whilst the Men’s is 6 stages.

All club members are welcome to take part and you’ll be relieved to know there’s no pesky baton!

It’s a great way to get more involved in BVH and get to know more people, more details will follow-or feel free to ask! Our team support is second to none so if you want to hear the cheers of your fellow harriers and the clanging of cow bells as you race for the finish line then please sign up 

You don’t have to be any sort of speed demon -although if you’re fortunate enough to be one we’d love to put out the fastest possible A teams! Everyone is welcome and a valuable contributor – let’s demonstrate the strength and breadth of the club.

If you are interested in taking part, then please contact Jude Glynn (Womens Road Relays Manager) – or Olly Kirkland (Mens Road Relays Manager) –


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