Interested in Cofton training sessions Saturdays 8:30am with Coaches Sean Rose and Tom Bunn, here’s all the information you need to get signed up

Cofton is growing!

We have been looking at how to bring on sessions that are bookable so that more members can benefit from the work the coaches are doing whether that be getting back on the track or coaches having more flexibility in their bubbles. Sean and Tom have been trialling an app in their bubbles and have started training back at Cofton and are ready to go to the next stage.

We are looking for 30 more athletes who want to train at Cofton either regularly or occasionally to sign up to their group.

If you are interested please contact us here.

Some questions you may have….

When and what is the session?

We start at 8.30 am on a Saturday morning at Cofton Park. It’s an endurance session of reps and hills on grass.

Why only 30?

The app they are using has a limit before the club has to pay for a subscription. We want to use the trial to make sure it fits the clubs needs going forward, not just in the current climate but also long term such as helping our managers to organise cross country or road relay races. We will be looking at other apps in parallel.

How long is the trial for?

We are looking to keep it to four weeks so that the committee can then agree rolling out to the club as a whole.

How will the sessions be run?

Sean and Tom believe that Cofton can hold a capacity of 24 before they need to consider splitting into groups in order to maintain their Covid-secure status. Once signed up it will be first come first served to book into the spare capacity that they have.

What happens if I can’t use the app does this mean I can’t be involved?

No. A requirement of the app is that Sean and Tom can manage who is or isn’t attending. They have a work around to get those on the trial into a session if spaces are available.