BvH 4x4x4 Virtual League by Xenofon Gogouvitis 30th June 2020

Hello beautiful Harriers!

Did you enjoy the #nothandicap? Did you get excited with the #GoneIn60Minutes? Did you go crazy with the Medley Relay Virtual Challenge? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you will love our latest challenge.

Introducing the BvH 4x4x4 Virtual League

“Sounds good – but what is it?”

4 weeks, 4 events, 4 runners per team – let me explain. First of all, the teams; all participants will be grouped into teams of four. The teams will be randomly created from four pools of runners, in an effort to have equally capable teams and make the league as competitive as possible.

Second, the four events are 1M, 5K, 10K, and SLR (Sunday Long Run; but doesn’t have to be on a Sunday, just as far as you can run!).

Third, the league will run (pun intended) for four weeks, starting on Monday July 6th and finishing on Sunday August 2nd.

“Cool – but who runs what?”

Short answer, everyone runs everything. Each week, every team has to complete all four events. Every team has to decide which runner will run which event. A runner cannot run an event that they’ve run on a previous week. Example: Team 1 decides that for Week 1, Dave will run the 1M, Jude the 5K, Rhian the 10K, and Stewart will do the Long Run. For Week 2, Dave does the 5K, Jude the 10K, Rhian the Long Run, and Stewart takes on the 1M. Week 3 etc.

“Got it – how about scoring?”

The 1M, 5K, and 10K are time trials so all participants will be ranked from fastest to slowest and be given points (1st gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points etc.). For the SLR, all runners will be ranked from longest to shortest distance. Team scoring is -obviously- the sum of the team members’ points for that week.

“Simple – any other rules?”

For the 1M, 5K, and 10K, similar to other virtual races (EA, BMAF etc.), the route has to be either a loop/a number of loops or an out-and-

back. This is to avoid having to deal with elevation calcs, negative points etc. Also, since these are TT, you’ll have to submit your elapsed time (a lot easier if you edit your activity on strava as “race”).

“I’m in! But how?”

Just fill in the simplest of forms with your name and your most recent 5K PB (in a minutes:seconds format, please!) by Sunday, July 5th, 18:00.

BvH Virtual Event (4x4x4 League) – Registration for club members

“Done! What next?”

The draw will take place on Sunday evening and teams will be announced on this page. Get in touch with your team members and choose a captain (you’ll need that later for results submission). Decide who’ll run what for Week 1 and go for gold!