Beginners’ Running Talk and Q&A

Nic Sykes GBRWe’re holding a Beginners’ Running Talk and Q&A at 7:45pm on Monday 10th June at Rowheath Pavilion with one of our coaches and multiple winner of BvH Athlete of the Year, Nic Sykes.

The event is open to those undertaking the beginners’ course and club members who are only a year or two into their own running life.

General Topics to be covered include introductions to:

Running Physiology
SMARTER goal setting
Principles of training
Injury prevention, management and rehabilitation.

Answering common questions including:

What running trainers should I wear?
How much should I run/ how much do I need to run to improve?
Why should I enter a race/ what do I need to know about doing a race?
What should I eat before and after running/ how much should I drink?
Running for weight loss, how should I manipulate running to maximise weight Loss?
What other methods of training could supplement my running?

Followed by a general Q&A session. We hope to see many of our newer runners there.